FALLEN PINES Miniatures & Havanese

About Us

We are located in western Holmes County in Millersburg, Ohio. I have been driving standardbred horses since the age of 10. In 1984 I acquired my professional trainers and drivers license from the United States Trotting Association. Along with my wife Carol, we trained and raced trotting and pacing gaited horses competitively at the top level. This included Stakes racing and pari-mutual racing through out Ohio.

In 2009 we started a new and exciting venture by purchasing top quality horses from Buckeye Walnut Creek Farm. Our goal is to breed, train and exhibit top quality horses at all levels of competition. Being that trotters have always been my passion, our primary focus is to produce driving horses with body type and conformation that would also be competitve in halter classes.

Our herd size is small at 20 horses or less. With a band of 6 broodmares and 2 top quality studs we are already on our way to achieving our goal with a few nice fillies born this year.

Note: Our goal will only be achieved with hard work and dedication, but  with the help of our friends and mentors Getitia and Les Matheny along with Cathy Waxler, in time we will reach our goals.